More than 26 years ago, Tracy Hayward began making fruit purees in her parents’ kitchen in Southern California. From those humble beginnings, she grew her company, The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley, into the leading US manufacturer for fruit purees in the foodservice industry. After several years in St. Helena, The Perfect Purée moved to their current Napa Valley Commons location in 2002, which is company headquarters to just over 20 employees and warehouse space for fulfilling online orders.

The average consumer may not know The Perfect Purée by name; however, there is a good chance that many have consumed one of The Perfect Purée’s flavors at a bar or restaurant without their knowledge of the brand. Their frozen fruit flavors are often the “secret ingredient” to a chef’s or bartender’s signature item, like a mango martini or pomegranate vinaigrette.

Remaining privately owned, The Perfect Purée has been able to focus on the quality of its product, which has made it a brand name to rely on. The company maintains relationships with growers directly, sampling all of the fruit before purchasing. As much domestic fruit as possible is sourced, and for those fruit varietals that do not grow in the United States, international growers are sourced. Due to the emphasis on quality, every production run is sampled and if the samples from that run do not meet the profile and expectations for that particular flavor, the production run will be rejected.

Currently, The Perfect Purée offers more than 40 flavors, plenty for a chef or bartender to choose from. The flavors in the product line run from the staple, Strawberry and Banana, to the exotic like Passion Fruit and Chipotle Sour. The Perfect Purée is available primarily through US foodservice distribution (specialty and gourmet food); however, their flavors are also distributed in Canada, Mexico and Japan, as well as far reaching countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia through chain accounts.

A staple in both good times and bad, cocktails continue to be popular and craft cocktails are a growing market area for The Perfect Purée. With the popularity of Food Network and the creativity of chefs and bartenders alike, The Perfect Purée will continue to be a popular favorite amongst many foodservice professionals and will likely appear in many food and beverage items throughout the country and world. Cheers to another specialty cocktail made with The Perfect Purée!

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