How far will a company go for customer service?

ASL Printing has been providing their outstanding services to Napa Valley Wineries for decades, so when their clients requested a more local presence, this 50+ year‐old company answered with a brand new facility in the Napa Valley Commons. Not only did they establish a local presence to provide their clients with a face‐to‐face experience, but they installed a multi‐ million dollar printer facility equipped to deliver their high‐quality product at record speeds.

When trying to calculate the mind‐boggling production speeds of the newly installed printer, we immediately assumed that ASL Printing only focused on the largest of the Valley’s wine producers. While it is true that they print for many of the biggest names in the region, we were shocked to learn that their client base and focus include some of the smallest wineries as well. This ISO 9001 and FSC‐certified company has established itself as a great, local resource for any and all of our Valley’s wineries.

Printing is only one step in the label creation process, and ASL is not just a cog in the machine to fulfill that single role. They provide creative support, design services, and most importantly prototyping! They are set up to prototype a run of a few bottles or even just one.

We’re excited to welcome this long‐standing business solution to the Napa Valley Commons!

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