Located just on the west end of Napa Valley Commons at 2545 Napa Valley Corporate Drive, you will find the home of Spelletich Family Wine Company. The Spelletich family history in wine dates back several generations. Barb Spelletich has celebrated over forty years in the wine business. Her passion for wine has given her the ability to work with several premium producers, establishing her own finessed style of winemaking. It had always been a prodigious goal to start a wine label that represented the perfect balance of old and new world wine. It was when she met Tim Spelletich, with experience in both restaurant and hotels, that she had an outlet to retail her passion. The family’s first release, known as Bodog, is near and dear to the family’s heart, as it is named after Tim’s great-great-grandfather who sat in Hungarian Parliament. Bodog fought alongside the freedom fighters, believing in equality for all. After the public beheading of his beloved brother, Bodog left all he knew behind in Hungary to start a new life in the new world. Not only is this wine a testament to the Spelletich family heritage, but also a beautiful red blend wine that many will enjoy!

Barb’s daughter, Kristen, is also involved in the family business and currently serves as Director of Operations at the winery. In her early years, Kristen was a bit of a rambunctious teenager and as punishment for sneaking out one night, Barb and Tim’s punishment was severe; she was instructed to hand label the first 300 cases of Spelletich’s Bodog Red Wine. Kristen secretly fell in love with this project and was inevitably bitten by the “wine bug.”

After nineteen years of producing premium California wines, the family knew it was time to find a space to truly call their own. Searching high and low throughout Napa Valley, Kristen came upon a hidden gem. Napa Valley Commons offered an amazing opportunity to build a space that accommodated Spelletich Cellar’s growing needs. Surrounded by the family’s favorite fellow wineries, they were able to create a truly modern tasting room. It is here that Spelletich Family Wine Cellars offers a variety of experiences with something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a highend Cabernet, or a moderately priced Zinfandel, there is a tasting flight for you. Spelletich also specializes in a wine and chocolate pairing experience featuring Napa Valley’s premium chocolates by Kollar, which will enliven all of your senses. Spelletich tastings are by appointment only, but they are extremely flexible and can accommodate both small and large groups. Stop by to say hello and try some of their wines or visit www.spellwine.com for more information about their wines and the Spelletich family.