Just inside the office of 2789 Napa Valley Corporate Drive there is a beautiful fish tank and a warm greeting. Beyond this entrance, designers and consultants are working diligently on a variety of projects. Catalyst Consulting Group (“CATLYST”) is a professional security and special system consulting and engineering company. Founded in 2001 by Todd Andersen, Catalyst Consulting Group (CATALYST) is headquartered in Napa at the South end of Napa Valley Commons. Andersen has worked in the security industry since 1987 and as a Napa native, decided to base CATALYST in the Napa area to be close to his roots. Napa Valley Commons has been home to CATALYST and its 5 employees since 2005. CATALYST’s footprint goes well beyond Napa and even beyond California. With few clients actually in Napa, the Napa location is convenient due to its close proximity to both Sacramento and the Bay Area. CATALYST has been engineering and building physical security systems primarily all across the west coast from Arizona up to Seattle, and has even taken on international projects reaching as far as India and Russia.

The primary clients of CATALYST are Fortune 500 companies including various airports, large federal agencies, banks and technology companies. For example, one of CATALYST’s projects was at the Sacramento International Airport, designing and installing card access control systems, closed circuit television equipment, voice and data infrastructure design and other special systems to meet TSA standards and integrate with existing systems at the airport. A project of great importance, no doubt, and a prime example of how CATALYST prides itself on building innovative security solutions and taking accountability for providing the best security solution.

While CATALYST has very few individual clients, the work that they do is rather fascinating for anyone interested in the newest technologies in security and intrusion detection systems. With the technology industry growing, especially in the Bay Area, security is a top priority and many of CATALYST’s clients require advanced systems to keep their assets secure. CATALYST uses Computer Aided Design Drafting (“CADD”) software, which allows them to complete the 3D modeling of the security system. Once the modeling of the security systems are designed, the software allows the designer to overlay it into the same model used by other functions of design and determine any conflicts with those other areas of construction such as plumbing or electrical.

For more information about CATALYST, visit www.ccgnapa.com.