Growing bigger and better, this has been an exciting year for tenants here who are part of the Crusher Wine District. The Crusher Wine District is a not-for-profit marketing group pioneering and supporting the growth and development of wineries and winemakers in the Napa Valley Commons and just beyond, which is often considered an unconventional industrial area for wineries in Napa. The group took its name from the iconic statue of the “Grape Crusher Man” on the hill overlooking the district, visible to all who enter Napa Valley from the south.

The Crusher Wine District’s convenient location in the south end of Napa allows easy access for Bay Area visitors and the close proximity to each other within the district allows visitors to easily experience multiple wineries in one day without long car rides or the hassle of traffic.

Up to nine members, the Crusher Wine District has successfully hosted four “Wine Hopper Weekends” in 2015. Each weekend consisted of two days of passport tasting, welcoming visitors to explore the area and discover the hidden gems found at each of these wineries. Weekend themes included an “Off-Vineyard” Wine Expedition, the ever popular Crusher Games and the most recent Holiday Wine Hunt.

Through the added awareness and excitement of the Wine Hopper Weekends, the Crusher Wine District is looking forward to 2016 with new ways to build the reputation of the district and bring attention to the honest hospitality and quality wines being made in this area of Napa. Nowhere else in the Napa Valley can you taste such a diverse sampling of wine styles, appellations and wine varieties all in one small geographic area.

The Crusher Wine District members include Avinodos, Crosby Roamann, Humanitas Wines, J. Moss Wines, Mi Sueno Winery, Spelletich Family Wine Company, Trinitas Cellars, The Wine Foundry, Y. Rousseau Wines and hopefully more to join in 2016.

Stop by one of your neighbors and experience this collaboration of small production, family-run wineries dedicated to cutting-edge wines and Napa hospitality. The Crusher Wine District experience definitely offers a sampling of the Napa Valley that visitors do not expect but ultimately will always remember.

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